Frequently asked Questions Celtic Motor Cycle Tours - INFO from us What do we get for our money? To start with, a wonderful unique riding experience on amazing roads taking in some of the most scenic places, travelling on little used roads. How long will we spend riding? Our tours are biking holidays, not sitting around enjoying the hotel bar. The emphasis is firmly on the bike experience and enjoying the winding roads, but of course we have regular comfort breaks and stops to enjoy the scenery and local culture. The riding day starts after breakfast, we aim for a 10am start and then a finish no later than 5pm each night. Where do we meet? Directions to start point/accommodation will be given.  Please enquire if you need to know in advance. What about breakdown cover? We strongly suggest that everyone who comes on any tour has some sort of breakdown cover. Bikes can and do breakdown and get punctures. We will always help in anyway we can to get you going again, but in situations where this is not possible, recovery may be required.  A support vehicle will be available each day of the tour to get your bike back to the base accommodtion. What we expect from you Common sense rules really. Riding with helmet, gloves, full length trousers and keeping yourself and others safe. Evenings It is a time that is nice for us all to eat together, be it at a campsite or a hotel. We aim to be at a hotel or site by 5pm, so giving you time to shower and freshen up before a welcome beer and meal. Similarly in Wales, depending on the package you choose, an evening meal is provided where we will all be able to get to know each other and talk over our days riding. For any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you. Useful Questions and Answers What distance do you normally ride in a day? The most we would ride in one day is about 250 miles. However, we like to stick to about 150 miles. It also depends on what kind of roads we ride.  We will attempt to identify riders chosen daily mileage and build groups/tours based on this Do you ride in a group or does everyone rides at his/her own pace? We ride as a group using the drop off system to enable all riders to experience different positions within the group What type of bike would you recommend for touring? For a trip that is longer than 4-5 days, and you have a pillion as well, then a larger capacity machine would be more advantageous. What is the average age of your clients? Everyone is welcome.  If you wish to be with a particular age group please advise when enquiring. Do you welcome female riders? It is not just that we welcome female riders but we also try to encourage them to join our tours. How flexible are the departure and return dates? It all depends on your exact requirements. We try to be as flexible as possible. What standard of hotels do you use? We offer our tours with options of Bunkhouse, Economy, Standard and Luxury accommodation.  You can also join our tours are arrange you own accommodation and meet us for each day of the tour.  How fast do you ride during your tours? We respect the speed limits of the host countries. How secure are the hotel car parks? Our Welsh tours operate in low crime areas, but secure parking is one of the criteria in our accommodation selection. Are all meals included? All of our tours include all breakfasts and some include evening meals. How do you choose your destinations? We have visited all of our destinations ourselves. Do you ride every day on a tour? Yes.  We do not refund if a rider chooses to take a day out. Do you offer a support vehicle? We do offer a support vehicle for mechanical breakdown for each day of the tour.  Your outward and return travel is not supported. Are there many pillion riders joining your tours? There are more and more pillion riders joining our tours. Any other questions, please contact us Phil & Helen Website Design by www.SCHServices.Co.UK